Give Your Classic Car the Restoration It Deserves

No more excuses and delays! It's time for your classic car to get out from your garage and roam free the streets of your city. Take advantage of our amazing offer for full restoration projects and bring in your car for a complete makeover. We have the specialists, you have the perfect car for them.

Contact us and bring to life your old auto gem. It has been waiting for you to notice it for far too long. Bring your classic car to us and we will treat it with care and dedication.

Hurry! Our full restoration offer is available until the end of the month!

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5 Classic Tips for Classic Car Restoration 

Engaging in doing restoration works for your car is a courageous thing to do and we applaud you for this! However, as you probably imagine, it's also a very (very!) hard thing to achieve. That's why, we thought it will be nice to give you some classic tips for your classic car restoration:

1. Sit down (it sounds easy to do until now!) and check out a parts catalog relevant for the model of the car you want to restore. Make a budget and try to stick to it (you won't, but it's the intention that counts).

2. Inspect the car and decide the level of restoration. Inspect your car from top to bottom, inside and out, and then decide if you need driver, street shot, show car or concours restoration level. 

3. Contact a car restoration professional to give you an evaluation and estimate. So, call us to help you make things easier!

4. Go ahead with the restoration process and try to follow a 2-step procedure: part replacement and chassis adjustments. Visit us often to assess your work and help you with advices.

5. Or better yet, take advantage of our full restoration offer and let us do all the dirty work for you.

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